Senior Software Engineer

San Jose, California, United States · Engineering · 2017017


Viv is the next-generation virtual personal assistant, brought to you by the team that created Siri. Viv will provide a truly open platform that lets any developer extend Viv's knowledge and capabilities. VentureBeat named Viv one of the top 15 interesting startups to watch in 2016, and after our acquisition by Samsung, Viv is now poised to bring our vision of a new kind of user interaction to the world at global scale. Check out this demo from TechCrunch Disrupt NY, and watch the power of Viv in action!

As a Senior Software Engineer you will be responsible for building multiple consumer-facing AI apps using web technologies and the Viv platform. This role sits at the intersection of cutting edge AI and front line product development. Working across multiple domains you will teach Viv a variety of new capabilities and in conjunction with Product and Design create highly assistive user experiences to address real world situations as you implement these next-generation AI apps.

You will be responsible for building multimodal conversational experiences in the Viv platform and gain understanding of the AI algorithms driving the Viv platform and write compatible models to expand its capabilities. You will ensure these models connect to natural language and propose annotation patterns for training the AI. Using the Viv IDE, you will flesh out these models into polished UX flows, complete with layouts and dialogs.

For each knowledge domain (i.e. hotels, restaurants, etc.) you will work with major content providers to supplement the models with data. This will involve processing data feeds and making customized http requests to external APIs and formatting the responses appropriately.

An ideal candidate is someone who possesses an interest and ability to learn new and work with multiple programming languages, ingenuity to put themselves in the end-user's shoes, and passion for creating superb user experiences and shipping consumer products.


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In addition to the competitive salary package as a Viv employee, you will start enjoying attractive benefits starting on your very first day!

Join us and enjoy our benefits starting with a complete health and insurance package specifically designed for Viv's employees and their families; PTO and flexible working arrangements policies are designed to maintain great work-life balance, including “work from home” Thursdays; Take advantage of our brand new spacious office with 360 views of the valley. Lunchtime soccer once a week for those interested, an on-site gym, and stocked kitchen to keep you physically and mentally fit; monthly stipend for phone or Internet service; downtown location with free parking or subsidized transportation (Caltrain, AmTrack, etc).

Viv is a dedicated team that loves AI technology & user experience, and will empower you to learn, grow and achieve your career dreams!

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